Friday, April 1, 2011

In like a Lamb..out like a Bear...April

The old saying goes; if the month comes in like a Lamb, it will go out like a Bear.  So far, we have had cool weather, but very mild.  We will see if the old tale is true.  Welcome to April everyone!  March flew by us so fast, if you are like the teachers, it came and went in a blink.

Please welcome four new teachers who have joined the Distance Learning Team:  Frances Mejias, AZTEC;
Erica Lopez, USA Learns; Noemi Nelson, GED Connections; Christina Montoya, Crossroads.  We also have a new Instructional Assistant, Heidi McGrath.  These teachers will work hard to make sure your goals are met.  If you have not met your new teacher, or made an appointment, please call the office. We have to say goodbye, sadly, to two of our teachers:  Joseph Labar, Crossroads and Natalia Holmes, USA Learns.  They will be missed. 

We have had several GED Graduates in March.  Many of you have taken parts of your GED test, and passed.  I am proud of every person who is a part of Distance Learning, and who has passed any portion of their test.  Great Job!!  Many more of you have set goals on graduating by the end of June.  We will do our best to help you make those dreams come true.

In the month of March, we had several students in ESOL promoted to another Distance Learning Program.  Those who have worked hard, taken responsibility for their learning, and sets goals made progress.  Congratulations to all you for your hard work.

April will come and go in a flash, just as the other months prepare yourselves.  A few dates to keep in mind for April:

01 April..........April Fool's Day
01-03 April....Poteet Strawberry Festival, get out and enjoy the Spring
04 April..........New Student Registration for GED, contact Joyce Hopper, Chief Examiner 397-7569
05-06 April....Returning Student Registration for GED, contact Joyce Hopper, Chief Examiner 397-7569
14, 19-20, 28 April....GED Testing Dates
15-16 April...Official GED Practice Test Dates @ Northside Learning Center, 397-8109
15 April........No School, Battle of Flowers Parade
15-22 April..Fiesta Week
22-23 April........No School, Good Friday

Have a wonderful April, and please contact us if we can help you.
Respectfully,  Margo Hernandez, NISD Distance Learning Supervisor

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