Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello Students, Halloween is upon us, BOO! We have had a busy and successful year so far! Everyone who is ACTIVE in the program has made great progress. Many of our GED students have begun taking their test this month. The ESOL students have shown great progress in learning and acquiring English skills. We have had quite a few obtain jobs and/or move into the GED Program to continue with their English studies. Distance Learning had their first library tour this year at the Northwest Library Branch on October 15th. We are planning our second library tour at the Maverick Public Library on Thursday, October 27th from 7 PM to 8 PM. The library tours build community partnerships to help enhance our students learning experience. The employees at our public libraries are very welcoming and willing to assist our students in all their educational needs. Please join us for our Library Tour Day Day. Keep up with the Distance Learning Blog in order to get the latest information regarding library tours, tutoring dates, and activities happening in Distance Learning. These are some important dates for everyone to remember: October 31, Distance Learning is open until 3 PM November 1st and 2nd, GED Testing Registration (visit website: ). November 8th, Election Day November 8th to 10th, GED Testing Dates November 18th and 19th, Official Practice Test 9 AM to 11 AM November 21st to November 27th, Thanksgiving Holiday November 28th to 30, GED Testing Registration (visit website: ). With the Holiday season on us, we at Distance Learning wish you the best!

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