Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hello Everyone:  Welcome back!  We hope you had a relaxing vacation. It was a long break but the DL teachers are ready to get you back on track!  Many of you never stopped, and we appreciate the dedication towards reaching your goals.  There is quite a bit of information to share with all of you this month.  Many of the teachers have changed their program assignments.  More than likely, you will have a new teacher this semester. We have had many students inquiring about the time frame for classes, obtaining a GED, registering for the GED and hours for the Distance Learning Program.  So let's get started...
 1. Time frame for classes; As of right now our DL program had funding to last for a minimum of 12 weeks. We will be open our regular hours from February 6th until May 4th. These dates are subject to change, we will keep all our students notified and the blog updated.
2. The hours for Distance Learning will remain the same, Monday through Thursday 9 AM to 7 PM, Fridays and Saturdays 9 AM to 1 PM.
3. Teachers now have the capability to Skype with students.  Please see your teacher to register for a Skype account. All students should have received a Gaggle account upon registration.
4. Obtaining a GED does not have a particular time frame since this is an Adult Education program; it is on an individual basis.  Some of our students complete the program within a couple of months, others take their time.  We are here to accommodate your learning needs regardless of time. Remember, our program has regular classes in the day or evening in case you feel this alternative style of learning will better serve you in reaching your goals.
5. Registering for the GED has stringent requirements by the state.  Please visit the following website for up-to-date information:
6. New phone number for Distance Learning appointments:  210-397-7562
7. Teachers will meet with students as needed through Skype, chat sessions on Gaggle, email correspondence, IM, a few teachers have face time accessibility, text messaging, and/or face to face appointment sessions.
8. Teachers will also be conducting mini-tutoring sessions throughout the semester with 3-4 students at a time.  If you are interested in participating in these sessions, please contact your teacher.

We hope to have a great Spring semester.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Margo Hernandez
Supervisor, Distance Learning Program
Northside Adult Education

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